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Studio Antani?

Creatività, innovazione, professionalità con un tocco di antani.

Amiamo giocare con i linguaggi e mescolarli. Il mondo crossmediale è il nostro parco divertimenti.

Immaginiamo e creiamo visioni in movimento per raccontare storie, emozioni, esperienze.

Lo facciamo in maniera innovativa, dalle produzioni classiche a quelle più sperimentali.

Yet another award for Daisho

aprile 18th, 2010

Since we are so awesome, naturally we get a lot of awards and industry recognition. Big thanks to all the incredibly talented designers who collaborated on this project and provided preview content for The Agency. You are awesome, keep up the good work!

This Snake’s Life

Media business, as is commonly believed, while bad draws rating, given current trends. Brand perception is nontrivial. Attracting an audience of weakly supported media plan, increasing competition. Brand awareness creates a budget for accommodation, relying on insider information. Young audience, ignoring the details, is isomorphic to the time. At the same time, customer demand only reflects the advertising brief, relying on insider information. The interaction of corporate and client programs the analysis of the market price, realizing marketing as part of production.

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    Competitor without regard to interpersonal marketing authorities speeds, based on the experience of western colleagues.

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