Animation Shorts || adv

direction Luca Acito
script Pierangelo Di Vittorio
drawings Giuseppe Palumbo, Squaz
music Alberto Casati
Prod.: Action30
Client.:  Bruxelles Laïque

Festival des libertés - Action30

Political and artistic, intercultural and creative, festive and subversive, Festival des Libertés mobilise all forms of expression in order to offer an overview of the state of rights and freedoms around the world, to point out lurking dangers, to encourage resistance and to promote solidarity.
For 4 years now we have been making the promo videos for the Festival in collaboration with the Action30 collective. Each year the festival theme has been reworked with Action30's magmatic and multidisciplinary style, mixing video language with comics, electronic music and philosophy.

Festival des Libertés 2012 - La crise, ça nous prend la tête

Festival des Libertés 2014 - Obéir & Désobéir

Festival des Libertés 2015 - Confrontation

Festival des Libertés 2016 - Jouons le temps qui reste!