Interactive film || Installation

concept & art Studio Antani

film by Luca Acito & Heike Hennig

dop: Renzo O. Angelillo

dancer: Sarafina Beck


Teatro dei Sassi – Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019


Atlas of emotions - A visual odissey

Do you remember the view-master toy camera?
Worlds were discovered as you looked into the camera. 

We’ve played with that same idea to discover the Atlas of Emotions of Matera, creating a visionary movie and an interactive system to enjoy it.

Studio Antani Atlas of Emotions - installation

300 mappers & temporary citizens helped create the Atlas of Emotions: a collection of more than 3000 personal stories about the city’s places.

Inspired by those stories, Studio Antani and the German choreographer Heike Hennig created the movie “Atlas of Emotions: a visual odyssey”.

The atlases have a non-linear narration, in which each person chooses their path. We’ve created an interactive system that allows people to generate their own journey through our visionary movie.

Cemetery kiss scene - Love & death

Museum scene

Sunset scene

High heels scene

Square scene

Hospital scene

La secretissima camera de lo core