Event || Public art

Concept & art: Luca Acito

in collaboration with Alessandro Tricarico

prod.: Studio Antani


Ass. Maria Ss. Bruna


Pezzi per la festa - Fragments of the festival

The “Festa della Ss. Bruna” is a ritual that has been repeated in Matera for more than 630 years and is the event most treasured by the whole local community. Due to the pandemic, the festival could not be organized in 2020 and 2021.

The organizers asked us to think of a creative and alternative solution, capable of evoking the festival while respecting all the limits imposed by the anti-covid measures.

To develop the idea, we were inspired by paper and glue, the basic elements of the papier-mâché that is processed every year to create the triumphal float that parades through the city on 2 July. 

We dug up local archives of photographers who had documented the festival in the past. With fragments of their shots we created a path of 21 urban installations to make the collective memory "vibrate" and excite the local community.