Research project

Concept & creative direction: Luca Acito

Partner sw/hw: 3Logic

prod. Studio Antani

This research project was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.


ChitChat Video

Chitchat is a video booth, an automatic audio-video recording system designed to collect and manage user-generated audiovisual content.

Videos and photos created by Chitchat can be used as data for surveys and promotional material for social media channels.

High-quality digital contents

Chitchat responds to the need for digitization in the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) by creating high-quality digital content in an “automatic” way and facilitating its processing and management.

It’s a solution that allows CCIs to adapt to the ongoing changes in the digital era by creating content in a completely new and automatic way and experimenting with new business models to enhance the value of cultural and artistic content through the offline-online involvement of visitors. In particular, Chitchat allows for the efficient and cost-effective generation of large content suitable for online promotion on all social media channels. CCIs can reach new audiences through increased online presence, improving their visibility and promoting accessibility to cultural and artistic content.

Cloud control

The video messages recorded by ChitChat are instantly uploaded to the cloud. Cloud content management enables full system control, reprogramming capability, customization, easy network creation, and anticipates the potential for automatic data processing and analysis.

The software we developed is aimed at managing the offline functions of the system (interaction and video message recording) and creating a management system for controlling and accessing the content of each Chitchat model. In this research phase, we limited ourselves to developing a system that provides easy access to individual models, designed to be evolved in a subsequent phase. The evolution involves creating a complex management system capable of handling many Chitchat (>20), scheduling events, and facilitating content processing.

This research project was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.
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